Thursday, August 21, 2008

If anyone lives in Britain or Wales.

Photobucket selling things without consent.

Plane crash in Spain killing upwards of 153.

And schools using electroshock "therapy" as punishment. Humanity is disgusting.

But. BUT. Did anyone else see Usain Bolt win the freaking Gold for Jamaica? He came around the turn & just ran. There was no one else in the frame. It was absolutely bloody amazing. Of course, it was depressing that the US guy & the Nethelands guy ended up being disqualified, when at first they thought they'd won the silver & bronze. (They both stepped on the lines seperating the tracks numerous times. But they didn't find out until later. It was depressing.)

But it was freaking amazing. He set a new record, something insane; nineteen point somethingorother seconds. "I'm number one!" he told the camera. So amazing.

And i didn't the end of the volleyball match, but what i saw was pretty intense. And diving was pretty ace, too. Having been seeing enough of the Olympics; missed the opening ceremonies because i was at Otakon. Typical; heard they were so amazing that, supposedly, no one will be able to top them.

And talking to Lauryll, though while still a little... wasn't too bad. A little like normal, actually.

The songs off the old Shoebox Mix zip reminds me of back when, the cold, & before Shoebox started to show the signs of decay within relationships, before everything got serious. I'm horrible when it comes to moving forward.

Ok, remember that photo meme? When people say "I want to see a photo of ___" & i post the results in a seperate post? Let's try that. I'm bored enough. I'll give it a week, i guess?

Watch this. A little late, but hey.