Friday, December 19, 2008


Seven years ago...

This is the best day in forever, right now. (Deutsch final may wreck it.) I caved & had a latte or w/e from Starbucks this morning, reading through old captions on Council of Elrond, reviving the Barrow-Downs' "Crazy Captions" thread, watching Annelli's vlog, &&& TVN has streaming video of them out tracking winter weather! Plus, it's pretty funny when one is watching Destroyed in Seconds & they do a bit about tornadoes, & you know it's Reed Timmer & co. before they say a thing because they're capering about with glee.

Not much has changed, then, since 2003. "BACK UP!!!!!!!!!" XD

Bad thing, though; really can't concentrate for some reason on practicing for Deutsch. Das ist nicht toll. Also not getting snow. I mean, Las Vegas got snow. I mean, rain is all well & good, but when the temperature is pushing the upper 40s in December... meh.

Pouring rain!

Two hours until going to go fail Deutsch final; yatta. But i did somehow manage to get an 80 on the Kapitel 3 test, so who knows. Maybe i'll have retained something. But the problem is 1) i can't take 102 next semester because it doesn't fit, & 2) i don't think things are really sinking in, because of the grammar jargon & lack of time, because the semesters are short. It's more just regurgitating information than being able to recognize what to use in a certain situation. It's not like really thinking about how to use the language, which makes me sad, especially since i've got a plump, happy elephant looking at me from my textbook, saying, "Ich mag Kinder." とてもういです. :( I want to be able to be multilingual, but begin to wonder if i really have the brain for it. Especially right now, not being able to concentrate. Stupid, stupid.

...and no more streaming video from TVN. かなしそうなかお--> :[ かなしい--.

(Oi, what is the difference between using うい & かなしい? Typical, using Japanese when i'm supposed to be concentrating on verb-noun & verb-verb combinations. (It's 1:32.))

Maggie should be coming over to get her presents. I wrapped everybody's stuff last night, & have one more card to do & mail, that i managed to completely forget about. (Stupid!)

Mm, not so good day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Some stuff


He's also in the December issue of Juxtapoz magazine, which is how i found out about him in the first place. It's a fascinating interview, especially because the language is so eloquent. A nonnative English speaker (? yes?) is able to use the English language to more effect than a native speaker, & seems to have more respect & care for the words how they are used. What does that say?


I really, really like looking through people's sketchbooks. Being able to look at them via the internet, while not my preferred way, is the next best thing. There is a link to the site in the blog entry; right now am looking at Chad Kouri's sketchbook (long live analog indeed!).

And speaking of sketchbooks, after more than a year (maybe about a year and six months?), i finally finished my most recent one. Now i have a huge new one. If it took over a year to fill a book half its thickness, how long will this one take...? How much more will it be falling apart?

->Santa Claus Conquers the Martians MST3K

Here's a nice little disturbing thing for the holiday season. And if that isn't enough, here's another: Santa Clause MST3K.

Or, if you prefer extreme weather this holiday season, there is always the season finale of the second season of Stormchasers.

->Am finishing rereading The Return of the King. Remember the Decembers of 2001-2003? Good times.

And then next, back to The Silmarillion. Am especially fond of this drawing. I shudder to think there may still be fangirlish vestiges left over from eighth grade. Gnaugh.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It never gets old, does it?


Tornado Chasing by ~miraje on deviantART

Also, also: here's this past Sunday's episode of Stormchasers:
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Watch it! I've watched it twice today. (eheh)

"Are we running away?"
"Yeah, we're running away. And proud of it!" xD Good old TIV!

Aw, i wish i could stormchase come spring...

Remember, kiddies: Do not ever take shelter under an overpass. Find a ditch by the side of the road, away from the tornado & your car, quoth meteorologists. The overpass will increase the wind speeds as they move through that tiny opening created by the bridge.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

"He have his goodness now..."

You cannot watch The Crucible-- as a play-- and laugh. At all. You might read it, watch a movie of it, & have inside jokes about Mary Warren & John Proctor's name. But you cannot when you sit there and see it unfolding. We didn't laugh. At the end, my legs were shaking & i felt like crying. Feel really, really drained.

In short: It was amazing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

pumpkin time...

The link will take you to the downloaded image, which actually shows what's going on on the pumpkin. (Here's its actual page.)

So this is this year's pumpkin, featuring the Marauders in their Animagus forms (plus one werewolf). Images from left to right: The back, which says "Up to no good"; the full Moon, Wormtail, & Prongs; Prongs & Moony; Moony & Padfoot; & what it looks like from the porch, thanks to the street light. Roughly.

And here's last year's pumpkin.

Also, if you don't already know, i put up a Marauders Halloween fanfic that is apparently mildly creepy, if nothing else. You can read it on any journals by going back to the entry before this, or you can read it here, as well as on Fan (i've been neglecting it, so i put it up there, too). So please read it & let me know what you think! (Please.)

Think i may try to be Janet for Halloween, from the poem Tam Lin. I do not have a mantle green, nor fair hair (i think that's mentioned?), but it's appropriate & i could kind of maybe do it... I mean, come on, i don't have a Tam Lin either, now do i? :P

Friday, October 17, 2008

The discussion concerning Los Angeles on last night's (Thursday's) new episode of Ace of Cakes worries me. Don't leave Bmore, guys...

I swear, if Food Network ships them out in the middle of the night in a Mayflower truck... HA HA. Not. :|

Towson's theatre company is doing The Crucible. Hopefully Kayleigh & i are going, & will stifle our giggles from every single inside joke ever spawned from that play. "Come down, Mary!" "You're raising up a whore!" And Kate said she did all the bonnets, as well as Ann Putnam's dress.

Was absolutely spacy in Japanese yesterday, & was horrific in German Wednesday. I think i'm worse at German than i ever was at Italian, which is saying a lot. Speaking of Italian, lost my "Ciao!" pin from senior year. No idea where; if it was Philadelphia or the Walters on Sunday. It makes me really sad. Damn pins falling off all the time.

Also went over to the Center for the Arts to look at shows. Stupid me for not going to the Korean one until the third to last day of its showing. Wanjin Kim's work is really, really brilliant; think it's assemblage. She uses a lot of antique things, like antique Korean rice cake stamps. I got close enough to sniff one, which sounds odd, but it smelled really good. In the vein of smells, the smell of Maggie's house followed me all day, i swear. I think it was my pants, which sounds horrifically wrong & laughable, but i couldn't really trace it, even then.

Anyway. I don't think she's on the internet, though, which is the annoying thing about nearly all the shows in the CFA: you see something that makes you essentially go "omg," & then the cards don't have it on them & it's not on the internet anywhere. So yeah. No real way i can show her work, since she has no website. If you put her name into Google, you get someone's Facebook account; if you go to images, it's just pictures of other people with a similar name.

The MFA thesis show & the one in the "Art gallery" (that's its name) changed, & i don't know when that happened, so missed their openings, obviously. The MFA one now is interesting. The one upstairs in the art gallery runs till November 8th; should go see it. It's called Particularities and Abstractions, & features the work of three artists. They're really very amazing.

And, wonder of wonders, at least one of the artists has a website: Christine Gray. Look at Oracle Four; it's amazing. Though moreso in real life. It's so shiny & smooth, probably half because it's on wood & probably half due to whatever medium she used. But seriously, if you can get to the actual show, you should. I kind of stared at all of them. Meanwhile, the girl watchung the gallery was in an argument with someone on the phone concerning the Presidential debate. Forget politics! Look at the smooth art. The other artists, besides Gray, are: WC Richardson, Erling Sjovold (amazing color), & Fiona Ross.

This video & its song keep getting stuck in my head, but they're both really awesome. Does anyone have the song that i could download, maybe? Or Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars"? Maybe? But yeah, now i keep drawing people with their faces obscured by their hair floating/flying around it. It's just brilliant; wonder how they did it. It gets firmly lodged in my head, like during History when i was falling asleep.

So tagged along with the parents because i needed to buy a new wallet. Have been using an old one from when i was little, with an Asian (Korean?) theme to it, but the wear & tear is really taking its toll. The amount of coins already ripped the zip compartment for them, & now, the outside-- think it's silk?-- is really beginning to fade. So i went to Five Below & got a cheap Gryffindor wallet that just barely holds all those coins. Also got a pack of mechanical pencils, just in case. The cashier didn't pay attention to me; the two of them were discussing her new cell phone.

Had gotten a Best Buy gift card in the mail for filling out a quick little survey ($25), so then went there, since it was right next door, & ended up getting two CDs. Saw In This Moment's new CD ("Dream," i think?), & kind of guilted myself into getting it? Also got Beach House's "Devotion." So i have sixty-something cents left... i'm horrible. Consumer.

So, haven't truly listened to "Dream," but... it feels different from their first CD, & i kind of don't like it. Their first one felt like Metal, & Maria (i think that's her name. Cannot remember names) went back & forth between singing smoothly & grating, gutteral, growling singing, as well as screaming that wasn't shrill, but still growling. On this CD, it feels too light, not as heavy. I skipped through song after song, & finally, on the third to last, found a song with the growling. I was alone in the car, so i went, "Yes!"

I mean, granted, i've yet to listen to it all the way through, but... it just doesn't feel like it has the same "oomph" that the first CD had. I really liked Maria's ability to switch between smooth & gutteral, which seems to not be showcased as much on the newest CD. Just a lot of smooth singing. And the instruments sound lighter, not as Metal-like.

As for the Beach House album, keep listening to the entire thing over & over, now that i've ripped it. They're a Baltimore-based band, so that doubled my interest. They're classified as "Alternative," & maybe one could draw parallels to other bands/singers/&c., or similarities. They make slow, quiet, realxed-sounding music with a airy, soft vocals. Slightly akin to Private Eleanor? A tiny bit like Regina Spektor or Tori Amos at times, vocal-wise? I know it's undesireable to list such parallels, but figure i may as well get there before anyone else does, & says it in a negative way. (Maybe a bit like Cat Power? Almost got one of her CDs, too; don't know why i didn't. Oh well.)

But it's really very nice. It has a nice feel to it, which is reinforced by the art & design of the CD & tiny pamphlet. Kind of reminds me of her work.

Have been keeping DB waiting; very bad of me.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

But we who have need
of those huge mysteries
we who can sometimes
draw up from
wellsprings of sadness
rejoicing and progress
how could we exist
without them?

Rainer Maria Rilke. From Duino Elegies, the very first Elegy.So not only are there no jokes in heaven, but i'd assume no art, as well. Unless you like pointless, sappy, pasty, Kinkadean kind of junk. If heaven is supposed to be the aspiration & hope of mankind on earth, then why does it seem more deplorable & pointless than hell?

And read about this today:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Late, but:

He is the one named Sailor Koon.

Third time giving blood; fwee. Into a baggie it goes.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Meanwhile... DeviantArt is mad. Seriously. Someone suggested that maybe there's a group of people just going around reporting Deviations, & i'm inclined to agree, although it'd be nice if the artists were given a moment's notice, maybe to defend their work? Last i checked, we had freedom of fucking speech.

The most recent thing that happened was the deletion of yet another thing that was already under a mature content warning, & marked as sexual. (Question, DA: What's the point of that option if you delete everything with sexual content in?) It was a comic of Calvin & Hobbes, only in the future, with Calvin & Susie making out, & the idea was they were obviously going to do it, but even moreso was that Calvin had obviously lost touch with Hobbes. It was a little disturbing, but really very sad.

Long story short, it got deleted. Now, i understand the whole "minors" thing to an extent, to try & deter pedophiliac freaks, but they get off on a picture of a little girl fully clothed, so. But apparently, one cannot depict a fictional character who never comes of age in the original storyline, or who only does so in the last episode. Which is ridiculous.

Amd let's be honest: the people we consider "minors" are fucking. There it is, blunt & vulgar. Fourteen-year-olds are having sex; wake up. I'm not saying that's completely right or whatever, but far be it from me to police anyone else's life. The fact of the matter is that puberty hits & guess what! That means your body can become sexually active! Imagine that! And when does puberty typically hit? Hm, let's think...

Fine, it makes sense with the pedos. But on the whole, it doesn't make sense in reality. A pedo is going to get off on anything related to their thing, & you can't really police them. There are, apparently, people who get away with posting entirely unartistic photos on genitalia just for the hell of it. Oh, & people who do pictures with masturbation in them that DA doesn't take down, despite their rules. It's like they decide what to ignore or not. Fine, ok, they can't be everywhere; they don't know it exists unless you report that. I know that. My point is, the rash of recent deletions have largely been undeserved. They were tasteful, or not showing anything. The Calvin one-- it was all implied! He wasn't raping her; they were doing it willingly! They looked like high schoolers, & by then, you know, quite a few people have had sex. Older people may still consider someone a child until a certain point, but that doesn't change the fact that, really, by middle school, you're already thinking about certain things, whether you act on them or not. Come puberty, it's largely inevitable that you are going to start thinking about sex, unless you are asexual (& then you don't care).

So really, they're being extremely unrealistic about this whole thing. You can't police the freaks. You can't keep people from having sex. You have to realize that people aren't going to wait till they're "legal" to have sex. Welcome to reality.

And what if someone wants to use it as commentary, how they feel about things? Do they get reported & screwed over (HA) too? Sex & art kind of end up going together; maybe it's just post-Freud thinking, but they're very much intertwined. Not all those nude paintings were pirely artistic; men would buy them & show them to their male friends. Painted porn, essentially. Hence the feministic approach in art of challenging the male gaze. And then there's people who explore that sort of thing, or the nude, & they get screwed over (ie Scott G's senior show), because people can't distinguish, they get up in arms, they can't handle the fact that people do these things. Instead of going after the crude things, they go after the things that really aren't that bad at all.

And yes, i realize that it all comes down to individuals & differences are legion. I still think it's pathetic, childish, & infringes on freedom of speech. To quote Anonymous (they come up with good quotes, don't they :p): "Censorship offends me."

So i've been anxious about this, because am just waiting for someone to report it. And so i probably won't put up Toriko's drawing when i finally send it to her, because of the sexual overtones in that. (My god, it makes us RuFeg shippers seem like such pervs, doesn't it?) Nevermind that it's two consenting adults, it's implied, & you don't see a thing. I could probably put it under a mature content filter & it would still get deleted, & i'd have no opportunity to defend it. Because that's what's been happening. Who cares about the history of art; who cares about it being implied, &c. &c.? Can't take it, don't like it, must censor it, must get rid of it; bad, bad, bad. Pathetic.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

come find me
i am very sad

The reply:

I found you.
Please don't be sad anymore.
I am giving you a hug (on paper).

Something like that. :)

....thank you. I wanted to take it with me, but decided against it...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

random thoughts

I don't even know what i was thinking of, when my brain wandered over to two rude/raunchy/naughty/whatever words: "dick" & "pussy," as used as insults. And i realized that their usage typifies gender stereotypes.

When you call someone a "dick," you're generally meaning that they're an asshole, that they're rude or mean somehow; when you call someone a "pussy," you're implying that they're weak, wimpy, & pathetic.

Then think of how certain genders are seen. The stereotypical male is generally brash, thoughtless, loud, prone to getting in fights. The stereotypical female is seen as weak, meek. It's society's double standards. A big difference is, though, that the stereotype of the male is generally more acceptable. With females, one can't win. You're reminded of centuries of being seen as wrong & bad somehow.

I was looking through the reader for my History 101 class, & what the Greeks thought of women is extremely venomous. Generally, people look at the ancient Greeks & only look at the better points. The art, for one example. For someone who champions gay/lesbian equality, they might like the fact that ancient Greek males were encouraged to take male lovers. Civilization (whatever that may be) can, apparently, owe a lot to Greece.

But when one looks at the attitudes towards women, this becomes more worrisome. Women in ancient Greece were seen as almost livestock. They were seen as baby machines. While their husband went off with his lover, who he may have loved over her, she was expected to bear children & take care of the house. They believed that the first woman was made by the gods to plague men, & they had all sorts of horrific things to say about women, who were seen as no better than a plague. It becomes confusing, really, when one takes into account the religion & art. They had goddesses; the female form was depicted in their art quite a lot. The Muses are pretty much always depicted as female. It doesn't make any sense.

It's really disturbing how most societies do this sort of thing. People like to base their societies & countries & things off of ancient ones, using their ideas & the like. Unfortunately, it seems that double standards are another thing inherited from most ancient cultures. Anyone who tries to deny that it continues today is blind. I mean, such phrases as, "you throw like a girl" & "scream like a girl" are used to imply that someone is weak & cowardly. They are unmanly, they are not staunch, they don't have what it takes. If someone said, "you throw like a boy," it wouldn't be taken the same way. People talk about "becoming a man" & "take it like a man." No one talks about "becoming a woman," & if no one says "take it like a woman," & if they did, it wouldn't have the same meaning. Women still seem to be seen as inferior & weak. Most creepy males don't think a girl will fight or snap back.

It bleeds over into art. There are times when a female nude isn't as artistic as one tries to make it seem. Such works were often bought by men to show their male friends when they came to visit. They were for their viewing pleasure, porn masquerading under the guise of being "artistic." Hence the idea in modern women's art of challenging the "male gaze."

This doesn't mean that there aren't double standards everywhere, on both sides. It's not as clear cut. The best illustration would be Scott G.'s senior show. A small group of us had stayed behind at school, waiting for the time that the shows were supposed to officially be open, but for some reason we decided to go down to the lobby, where Scott was setting up his show. His work all featured nudes, both male & female. Whatever, right? It's an art high school, & there's Figure classes already; who's going to care?

Mr. G, one of the painting teachers, told Scott that the paintings of the male nudes would either have to be censored or removed. This wasn't Mr. G's personal opinion, this was because of the school being a public county school, & apparently, this means one can show breasts, but no penises. (Random question: why not "peni"?) earlier in the year, a guy named Zach had done female & male sexual parts as a "differences" kind of assignment, & people had acted so immature about it he was forced to take them off the wall. He had seemed more dazed & quiet than anything else when the discussion came up in Studio. Not so with Scott. He fought & fought to keep his paintings up & unmolested by censorship, to the point where, if he wasn't crying, he was close to it. Mr. G just shook his head sadly & said he was sorry, but those were his only options. Scott made the very good point that, by censoring the penises, it would only make it more obvious, but in the end, he opted for the censorship, so they would stay up. I felt so bad for him; he was so upset.

This, therefore, begs the question: Why? Why do you have to censor a nude male but not a nude female? Is it because of the "male gaze," that the nude female should remain so because then people can look at her & objectify her? To make the male seem more restrained by his lack of nudity, and make the female seem sinful, lustful, & unable to control her urges? Or does it imply, in a bizarre twist of society's usual workings, that the male nude is more dirty & wrong than that of the female? (Usually it's the other way around.)

It also doesn't seem to matter how a woman acts. She can act demure & princessy if she likes or act rebellious &, as one would put it, "one of the guys" (because certain traits & actions are linked to males in this culture), & no matter what, she'll still get dumped on. I once caught something on Metal late at night on either MTV or VH1 (my God, they were actually showing something about music, imagine that!), & they had a bit where they talked about women in Metal. They talked to the lead singer of Arch Enemy, whose name i forget, but she is brilliant. She absolutely growls when she sings, so it was odd to hear her speaking in her usual voice. But if i remember aright, she mentioned how, even she has had people calling to her from the audience such things as, "Take your shirt off!" Here she is, a rough & tumble-seeming kind of woman, who can growl with the best of them, & she still gets comments like these. Why? Why is this seen as acceptable?

A girl can't even have her body do what it does every month without getting flak for it. Many cultures & religions see one's menstrual period as being dirty & unclean. Aside from the obvious fact that blood is messy; it's more of the "spiritual" idea, i suppose. For some reason, what your body does naturally makes you dirty & unclean in the eyes of your society & chosen god/s. One may then say, "Well then, why would a god have made someone that could be dirty & prohibited from temples & the like," but that's forgetting people like the ancient Greeks, who thought women were a plague, & those who want to blame Eve for all the world's ills (as if Adam hadn't taken a bite too), & that Lilith was bad & evil because she wanted to be Adam's equal. I was on IM once with an online friend, & she found a Feminist writing that said if males had periods, it would all be the exact opposite: It would be "manly" & ok & not a taboo subject.

Sure, there are a few peoples who have ceremonies for a girl's first period. The ones i know of generally involve chanting & possibly being buried halfway in the ground. Contrast that to the Muslim boy's circumcision day, where he is treated "like a prince" for the day & given presents. Maybe it depends on one's culture, religion, society, values, etc., but really, which option sounds more appealing to most people?

Have there ever really been any societies that have seen the woman as an equal, as being on equal footing? I can only think of people like the Celts, & Anglo-Saxon women had quite a few rights. One's mind immediately goes to Boudicca, who was a warrior queen if ever there was one. The Romans whipped her & raped her daughters; she literally fought back, gathering many people to her cause & wrecking many Roman cities in Britain. They scoffed at her because she was a woman, & the Romans had about as much respect, it sounds like, as the Greeks. Unfortunately, she did end up losing because of Roman battle tactics, & no one knows what her fate was. But she was relentless & unforgiving in her anger, & her people tarried around her. They didn't look at her & say, "Oh, she's a woman; what does she know?"

Then, something i read in a book about the Celts: A woman was kidnapped & raped by a Roman. For some reason, somehow or another, he returned her to her home. She then beheaded him. The woman's husband remarked on this, & she said something to the effect of, "Better only one man who has slept with me."

Of course, double standards are everywhere. If a man doesn't act "manly," then there's something wrong with him. But even that seems to point back to the feminine, back to such derogatory words as "pussy." (And when did slang for genitals become derogatory?) It all goes back to the idea that male=good & female=bad somehow. You're looked down upon if you act girly, you're looked down upon if you act more rough (maybe even seen as either a "fake girl" or "fake boy"?). You can't win. Years of sufferage & feminism still don't seem to have changed much at all. How can such ridiculous ideas be gotten rid of? Will the ever be gotten rid of? As long as there are people who consider women inferior & wrong, & as long as that mentality is passed down to the next generation, nothing will change.

Even my male cousins, who i spent my childhood playing with (as my girl cousins are all fairly older than me), are not immune. At an emergency gathering this past May, i felt the overwhelming desire to kill two of my cousins. They think of sex in such a cavalier fashion; the one said, "I probably have a bunch of kids that I don't know about!" And he laughed. The older of the two of them turned to me & said, "Don't listen to him, he's a bad man." Like i am a child. Inferior. Stupid. I regret not having something to fire back, i regret not snapping & telling them what i fucking thought of their demeaning, misogynistic words & thoughts. I thought that being raised by single mothers would have instilled some sort of respect in them, but i obviously was wrong, as they so stunningly illustrated. I also thought their mother's religiousness would have played into it, but if it did, it was in the way that people suppose Catholic school kids will turn out to be hypersexual from being repressed. But, then: i have absolutely no respect for them; i get so angry that i seriously wish them ill. They absolutely disgust me.

How is it that a male can fuck around & somehow be considered manly, but if a female does the same, she's a slut? How is it that males think they can do things like force themselves on a woman, or that she somehow deserves it because of how she dresses? Why is it ok for a male to oogle a woman? Just because she's wearing a short skirt doesn't mean that she was "asking for it." How come male sexuality is seen as this manly, good thing, but female sexuality is seen as bad, wrong, sinful, lustful, dirty, slutty, desperate? Why are women expected to be meek & demure & submissive; why are assertive, aggressive women seen as negative, when the same traits in males are seen as positive? Why? It makes me so unbelieveably angry. There are supposedly decent guys out there, but sometimes it doesn't seem like it at all.

In other news, it is fifty degrees (F), last i checked. I'll be glad when the daytime gets as cool as this.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Non mi piacciono i cretini. La lingua stranieri non uguale illegale. Uffa. Non c'è peggior sordo di chi non vuol sentire.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

If anyone lives in Britain or Wales.

Photobucket selling things without consent.

Plane crash in Spain killing upwards of 153.

And schools using electroshock "therapy" as punishment. Humanity is disgusting.

But. BUT. Did anyone else see Usain Bolt win the freaking Gold for Jamaica? He came around the turn & just ran. There was no one else in the frame. It was absolutely bloody amazing. Of course, it was depressing that the US guy & the Nethelands guy ended up being disqualified, when at first they thought they'd won the silver & bronze. (They both stepped on the lines seperating the tracks numerous times. But they didn't find out until later. It was depressing.)

But it was freaking amazing. He set a new record, something insane; nineteen point somethingorother seconds. "I'm number one!" he told the camera. So amazing.

And i didn't the end of the volleyball match, but what i saw was pretty intense. And diving was pretty ace, too. Having been seeing enough of the Olympics; missed the opening ceremonies because i was at Otakon. Typical; heard they were so amazing that, supposedly, no one will be able to top them.

And talking to Lauryll, though while still a little... wasn't too bad. A little like normal, actually.

The songs off the old Shoebox Mix zip reminds me of back when, the cold, & before Shoebox started to show the signs of decay within relationships, before everything got serious. I'm horrible when it comes to moving forward.

Ok, remember that photo meme? When people say "I want to see a photo of ___" & i post the results in a seperate post? Let's try that. I'm bored enough. I'll give it a week, i guess?

Watch this. A little late, but hey.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Said a commercial yesterday, "We're a country of consumers. And that's ok." I scoffed & sneered & rolled my eyes. I thought, How disgusting.

But what did i do yesterday? Consume.

Got almost no sleep & was told if i wanted to get up to be able to go to Towson, i had to get ready in five minutes. Family thinks i can't move fast, can't get ready fast, ever. I was ready to go like that.

Got to father's office & watched some MST3K on YouTube while eating Pop Tarts that were a dollar from an upstairs vending machine. Watched Final Sacrifice, & despite the fact that it's a bad movie, kind of like the feel of it.

Then finally walked; unfortunately, one of my socks had a hole in the heel, so i got a blister. Remember to check your socks for holes. Oh well, whatever. Went to Ukazoo & sat around reading & being indecisive; finally got a copy of The Book of Lost Tales 2 that may as well have been newly bought, it was in such good condition. I generally don't want to get Tolkien secondhand (it feels odd, somehow; i got another copy of FotR once at the Book Thing & had to take it back because the marks weren't my marks, & it just felt wrong), but this was so minty, it was fine. And only $2.49 (no, that isn't including tax. Political bastards). Then went next door to Record & Tape Traders & got a $2.99 (again, price tag) CD, just because i'd seen it there before, i liked how it looked, & it was by a Baltimore band, so i figured i'd see if it was any good.

Then went over to Plaza because i had coupons. Got two pens, a yellow & an orange one, a little sticker book, & another little Moleskinnie. (The only time i'll buy them is when i've got coupons, so.) With the coupon for the Moleskine (40% off) &, i'm assuming, my Plaza card, all told, it cost a few dollars less than the little Moleskine does at full price. Went over to Trader Joe's-- after signing a petition to improve working conditions for Baltimore teachers so that, you know, their students don't beat the shit out of them or whatever-- thinking to maybe buy food, but... i don't spend my money on food. (I won't eat during Otakon; hehe.) I stood around agonizing, then realized it was time to go anyway, so didn't get anything. Dinner made me full enough to never want to eat again, fell asleep, woke up, & argued a little with mother to get her to let me have net time, then came down here. And i've eaten toast & feel very, very stupid. Nothing new.

But look: Shark Week icons!

And, seeing as it is 3:13, i should really probably have been off long before now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Was very brilliant (& we went on the 19th). Lots of walking. Bought a few cheap things & collected a ridiculous amount of business cards & the like.

Something i wish i'd had the money for? Them. And them. I took a custom order form, though, for later. It's the eyes, you see.--> . .

So... got a Knitimal patch & stickers instead, & two postcards from another place, & the SciFi club had a free book (why not?) & leftover Deathly Hallows posters from Borders' midnight party. Janna & i didn't get them then (we'd gone to Barnes & Noble), so we each grabbed a poster. And then there are the many cards & things. If i'd had a million dollars, it would've been brilliant. I would've bought a Knitimal (or Recyclimal), this little plaque with a bird painted on, more postcards... stuff.

There were also these things that talked to you. Don't tell me "it's something with the microphone," i can figure things out myself, & will still choose to ignore it (so shush). They talked to you! I had to say they were cute, & they whispered amongst themselves something like, "heeheehee cute heeheehee." Janna supposedly took a picture of them, so will wait for the eventual upload. (hehehe)

And, for the second time, went out & about (a lot of walking), & did it all on about a bowl & a half of cereal. For the entire day.

And supposedly, that picture Janna & i posed for should eventually appear on the internet, eventually. After sitting by the train station for the rest of today. Be very afraid (or amused, whichever).

Oh! And the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir artcar was brilliant. Janna & i walked up & all the fishes & lobsters were singing "Hallelujah." Priceless.

Was really tired walking back to MICA. (My out of shape self.) Got to shout at father over my dying cell phone, which kept cutting the calls off & being stupid. Family is still aggravating.

And now have a shop on Etsy. Yay.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brideshead: Revisited

Honestly, i wasn't really all that worried/ aggravated by the new movie off of Brideshead Revisited, but after reading the little bit of an article about it in the July issue of Elle magazine... i kind of had to beat the magazine against the wall. They're ruining it, & it especially irks me how they are sticking Julia everywhere. She's not supposed to be in Venice, or at Brideshead when Sebastian breaks/twists/does whatever to his ankle!

It sounds like they're just completely changing the ideas of the book-- especially when it comes to the religion aspect; Waugh will be turning in his grave-- & it gives the distinct impression that they have very little respect for those. Making Lady Marchmain out to be a monster-- i mean, i didn't really like her, but making her out to be some sort of monster just is wrong. "Poor Mummy" indeed.

And to cut out the whole whatever thing with Charles & Sebastian & just making Sebastian gay... To take out that relationship is just so stupid, & to just come out & decide to make Sebastian gay just takes away the ambiguity of his & Charles' relationship; it cheapens the story somehow, makes it more shallow. It aggravates me that it's just focusing on Charles & Julia's relationship because "Sebastian was the first." It makes me want to hate Julia, & i never really hated Julia. Not my favorite character, but i didn't hate her, & i don't like how drastically they're changing things, especially by making her this central thing, by having her everywhere, by making only her & Charles matter, instead of having both the relationships & keeping it as layered a story as it ought to be.

I mean, at least when PJ made LotR, even with drastic changes (Arwen at the Ford, Frodo showing the Ring (wtf), Frodo & Aragorn's characters being slightly uncanon (read: watered down & kind of wimpy at points)), one could tell there was still care & respect for the original story. But with this, it feels like they're taking Waugh's writing & twisting the story to their own ends, especially (once again) regarding the religion angle. Personally, i don't think Waugh's idea of religion comes across too well-- i think it's more a negative aspect in the book-- but it's wrong to just take a whole different spin on it. It's like they're trying to cater to their audience too much, by changing bits of the story to suit what the audience wants, as opposed to sitting them down & saying, "This is how things are in the story, so deal." I mean, is Cordelia even in there? Are they going to ruin her character, since she was so pious in the book?

It seems like the movie's deviating from the book about as much as Stardust, only this time without any author's blessing (because Gaiman & Vess didn't seem all that upset by the changes).

...And yes, movie Frodo & Aragorn kind of bother me. Frodo, not so much as Aragorn. They could've at least kept in Frodo lunging the Witch-king at Weathertop. Aragorn bothers me, though. In the book, he's more than ready to reclaim the throne of Gondor; he wants to go there. He has Andúril from the beginning, & he names the reforged Narsil that. As opposed to the movie version, who is extremely wishy-washy about going to Gondor, doesn't get the sword till the last movie & Elrond names it. For some reason, that bothered me. It's more significant in the book: the sword is reforged, & the heir from a line thought to be broken takes it up & renames it the Flame of the West. That means something. The way it's done in the movie takes that away. Why should Elrond Half-elven, who will soon be leaving Middle-earth, name the sword of the king?

That whole bit bothers me. The whole "Arwen's-fate-is-tied-to-the-Ring" is absolute BS. There's no reason for her life to be connected to the thing; it's like some story movie Elrond came up with to get movie Aragorn to get his act together. And Elrond's whole behavior throughout the movies towards Aragorn is irksome, because he's so hostile to him, which never happened in the books. And quoting Aragorn's dying mother at him? That's... just... rude, Peredhil. Seriously. Part of it is, "Oh, that's nice, they put in something from the Appendices," but the other part is, "That was kind of low."

I liked how he acted more when he was in a kind of very Aragorn mode in the movies: when he was out doing things, & especially at the Paths of the Dead, he seemed more like Aragorn. It's not like Aragorn never had moments, but they upped it far too much in the movies. When he, Legolas, & Gimli finally decide to set off after Merry & Pippin, he looks back towards Gondor once they reach Rohan, & essentially sings a song about his longing to go there. He's not sitting around feeling angsty & unsure, at least not openly. He sees his own task in front of him; he knows what he has to do, & is eager to do it. Maybe they thought it would make him more relatable, or give his character more of a "journey" (like they said they wanted to do when they changed Faramir), but he just comes across as... not very Aragorn. It's like it's not really until he goes to the Paths of the Dead in the movie that he starts acting like Aragorn. Granted, i really liked how Viggo Mortenson played Aragorn; i thought he was brilliant & fit him extremely well. It's just how the script was.

....And the whole "set aside the ranger" thing? Whatever happened to that little bit at Isengard, when Merry says "look, Strider the Ranger is back" when Aragorn sits back & smokes & replies with something like, "He never left"? That also bugged me, because it was the whole "make a choice" thing when there really wasn't much of a choice to be made. (At least to me.) The Palantir (& the "i" needs an accent, but for some reason everytime i try that ALT code, the internet leaps back a page instead of putting in the accented "i") thing bugged me, too. One never knows what really happens in the book, except that Aragorn looks extra tired afterwards, so maybe it would be conceivable that Sauron decided to play mind games, or showing Aragorn things that he could take the wrong way. It's conceivable that Aragorn could have wavered or weakened-- after all, it's him against a Maia-- but this doesn't seem to fit the character as he is in the book canon. At least, not to the extent of how he reacted in the movie. While it does seem like something Sauron would do-- actually, it is something Sauron did, to others-- it still feels wrong, somehow. I like not knowing, the way it is in the book. It causes you to draw your own conclusion. (Nevermind the fact that he was supposed to look into it at Helm's Deep.)

Which, actually, is something filmmakers don't have people do much anyone. Having them draw their own conclusions. Nowadays, everything is shown. There's not much of the kind of "fill in the blank" that was especially present in older movies. One could argue that it has to do with censorship. But leaving certain things to a person's imagination can be much more worthwhile, because everyone comes up with something different, & could probably come up with something more intense or interesting than what is depicted onscreen.

It's kind of like something Bynum handed out once in Telemedia; though it was about making comics, it still applied to making movies. Right at the beginning, it has a little thing drawn out: the first panel is of two characters; one is going to kill the other. In the next panel, the city at night with the dying man's screams. The little character guy explaining things along the way pops up & informs you that you have just helped to murder a man in the space between the two panels. By not showing the murder, the viewer is the one who put two & two together, the viewer is the one who committed the murder, & each viewer has their own idea of how it happened. That is far more effective than showing a gore fest. That, you can just look at & feel ill over, or, from seeing it so much, shrug & say, "What else is new?" By not showing it, everyone watching/reading/whatever has a hand in the death & comes up with their own private ideas of what occured, which, being completely personal, can be worse than anything anyone could show onscreen. Same goes for anything else.

If someone were to actually make a horror/terror movie by using that, it could be much more effective than gore if done right, because everyone in the audience would come up with their own private terrors & monsters. What you can't see can be the most terrifying thing. Maybe Psycho is a good example? The murder scene is shown, but still in an ambiguous way: enough to actually really seriously make you paranoid in the shower. (Don't laugh, it's true.) But you don't have everything shown until everything comes together at the end, which makes it all the more potent. It heightens the anxiety in a way that some gory movie can't.

In other news, it's been really nice & cool lately (stay this way forever, weather), Ghost Hunters got some amazing evidence on last night's episode (EVPs & stuff on the thermal, plus that loud bang), i rediscovered my Barbie Rub & Color, & put another moth back outside. It was a big one, too, & very fuzzy.

Oh, & obviously gave up on summer picture thing. Since i don't do anything of interest. And besides, who reads this?

Monday, May 26, 2008

May 26th

"Visual journal" from sixth grade. Found the paper explaining it today while working on cleaning the bedroom. It's kind of funny, it its own way:

"What is a Visual Journal? Like a sketchbook, it is a place for you to explore visual ideas in sketch form. But it goes one step further than just a conventional sketchbook.
"Your visual journal will be a safe place for you to explore your thoughts in both written and visual form. It will be a record of the visual journey you will make in level one.

"What may I do in it? Just about anything artful or interesting. You may sketch, practice skills, jot notes, or write down your ideas and reflections about your art or artmaking in general.

(This part is circled in pencil:)"You may use it to experiment with new materials, create personal designs, glue or stamp interesting images, cut holes to peek onto new pages, record dreams, make lists, glue xeroxed images that can be drawn onto, or simply try out a new color pen.

"Wow! Where do I begin?
"First of all you will need a special cover- one that you design that expresses your unique personality, and camouflages the print or logo design that you found on your journal when it was purchased.

"How will my visual journal be graded?
"Some things will be specifically assigned as journal entries that will relate to classwork.
"These will be assessed according to grading rubrics. Other entries will be given credit for number of pages of exploration and the attention given this journal. (Underlined:)Everything presented should be presented in a visually interesting way.

"What do I do now?
"Why not begin. Have fun with this. You may find you want to take your journal with you wherever you go."

After sixth grade, we no longer had "visual journals." Funny, because Carver's idea of a sketchbook seems to be under the same kind of ideas. Needless to say, my sixth grade visual journal, like all my sketchbooks hence, is pretty boring & unadventurous, though back then when i was told i should try to experiment more, i (secretly, not to the teacher's face) got very indignant.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25

This is already getting old.
May 24

Reading material.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Once read a suggestion-- probably in a teen magazine, way back when-- of taking at least one photo for every day of summer vacation. So will attempt to do so. Thus far, then:

May 21

Very windy & rainy.

May 22

Not a photo, but the next best thing. Indy was good. A little weird, all things considered, but still pretty good. I was ready to aggravated & annoyed by Shia LaBouf(sp) for some reason, but he held his own really well & was really good. Cate Blanchett does evil Soviet real well. Harrison Ford may have looked his age, but he sure still moved lightening fast. And-- i don't know the name for the actress who's Marion-- but it was ace to see Marion again. So it was good, even if it was weird & kind of "eh" at bits, but i really liked it, overall. Even though they play Elvis at the very beginning (i just cannot escape that man). (And, haha, Ark. That was beyond priceless.)

There was also a guy at the theatre dressed as Indy sitting next to a girl who had her hair done like Marion's at the beginning of Raiders. Which was pretty awesome.

May 23

The computer is currently delusional: the time is pretty much correct, but the time this was taken, it was 11:03 p.m.

And nothing for today, as of yet. It's only 1:22 a.m., after all.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Principles of Uncertainty

I definitely recommend this book. I was finally able to buy it this past weekend at Borders (yay, 40% off coupons...), after reading it numerous times in bookstores. Maira Kalman's art & words are thought-provoking, though sometimes seemingly odd, & the book generally feels like there's a tint of melancholy (or maybe that's just me). This doesn't hurt it, though; it's part of it.

It's an amazing book; hardback & everything, it has weight to it (literally, metaphorically). Kalman's writing is more like she's speaking to you, very personal. It's as though you're following her through her adventures. And her art, while not exactly realistic, gets down likenesses amazingly well with very little brushstrokes. And even when she works from photographs-- i'm assuming she does; she carries a camera with her when she goes walking-- they don't feel like they were. It's all her style.

One of my favorite pages reads thus: "At Cuccio's Bakery we see a seven-layer chocolate cake with a cherry on top. A seven-layer chocolate cake with a CHERRY ON TOP!!" It is accompanied by a painting of the aforementioned cake, & just seems so full of exuberance for this seemingly little thing. It's kind of inspiring-- the book as a whole is.

Also of note: The Invention of Everything Else. Bought it a while back, with a coupon & a gift card, after reading a little blurb about it in Elle magazine. The cover looked interesting, & it had to do with Nikola Tesla, whom i'd only heard about in passing on MythBusters. So i went & bought it & read it, & it is also a very good book. Very well-written & atmospheric, & also very well researched. Samantha Hunt's writing is amazing, & now i want to read the book she write before this one (The Seas, i think it's called), but no one ever has it in stock. But if Invention of Everything Else is anything to go by, Hunt is definitely one of those writers that people call "a writer to watch," & all of her novels will be this good.

Bought two new books at Ukazoo today. (Eheh. I'm horrible.) Ukazoo's a really nice store; it primarily sells used books, but, as the images on the site show, it's not a mess like most other used book stores. Don't get me wrong-- i like going to The Book Thing (free books!) & the Unicorn Bookstore & other places where there's just books everywhere, but it often feels overwhelming to walk in & have to dig without any clear direction. (Most times, even in sections, books aren't in order.) So it's really nice to have a place where one digs about as much as one would at a conventional bookstore, & the prices are even nicer: everything's less than or about equal to $10. So one could get lucky & find a book they've wanted that's usually $16 & get it for $2.89 or something. Places to sit are also plentiful 9some of the squishiest chairs ever), & there's even a little corner supplying complimentary tea & coffee. So you can make yourself some earl grey without having to pay anyone.

The only thing is that they're updating their inventory, & there's never a guarantee that they'll have the book in anyway, so the best bet is to ask or call. It seems that every time the computer tells me they have whatever i'm looking for, i go & look, & it's not there. Have a bad habit of walking all over the store & walking back to the same spot multiple times, as if the hoped-for book will miraculously appear while i've been off elsewhere. That can be frustrating.

But found two that seem interesting, & will see if they are. Not as though i already have about eight other books i'm supposedly reading.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Principles of Maira Kalman

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Buy some sort of print or commission me! Please?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thursday & stuff

First off, read this if you haven't already.

First off, read this if you haven't already.

Thursday, stayed at school/college past the time I usually leave, because the internationally known artist, Judy Pfaff, was coming to speak. Hadn't seen her work, but it sounded interesting, &, seeing her walking around, she seemed like a nice person. So sat around, waiting. There were a lot of people, & it was a little late due to technical problems (I think?).

Her art is really, really interesting-- installations, sculptures, drawings, & prints. Her website has photographs (think it's; might want to plug it into Google just to make sure); you should go see. Especially like some of her prints.

There were also two shows opening: An MFA thesis show & a show featuring two women artists who started to really become artists back around the late '50s, I think. Back when women were expected to be nice little housewives & mothers, & to do that & balance making art was extremely difficult.

So there were a lot of people. The MFA thesis had to do with eating, & all the trappings & associations linked to it in today's world. So there's all these deeper, darker meanings to the pieces that, though they look really beautiful & intricate, definitely give off a feeling of a darker side. Of course, food was everywhere at these receptions, & this was no exception-- only the artist had laid her food out in the shape of a person. Despite not having eaten for a while, only took two little chocolates, because it was kind of disconcerting-- like by eating, we only proved the artist's point more, when it came to food. We became part of the art, interacting with it, in a way that was subtly disturbing. Maybe I did the same thing by not eating much-- proving her point, that is.

Had ended up meeting & talking to a girl at the Judy Pfaff talk, but other than her, only talked to my Design teachers. (I have no life. I have no friends.) My DeII teacher is from Britain, & we talked about Ghost Hunters & traveling & things. My DeI teacher was my Drawing II teacher last semester. Mentioned the new Discovery Channel show (The Human Body: Pushing the Limits) to both of them. It's really interesting; people should watch it. The things the body can do under pressure-- or that it just does naturally-- are amazing.

An example that links into the current MFA show: Our bodies are designed for a time long, long ago, when people still hunted for food & it was often scarce. So, due to that, whenever food is in plentiful supply, the brain makes sure that you stock up on food-- because, it's thinking, you don't know when you'll be able to eat again. So in today's society, a lot of people have easy access to food, & that mechanism still works. But because we've become so sedentary, it just starts to build up. It's a really interesting show that should be watched if you can get a chance to. It explains how people manage to stop feeling pain (even when they've shattered a knee & broken a hip), throw slabs of rock that are twice their weight off of themselves, survive being thrown by a tornado with no broken bones... &c., &c.

Didn't get a chance to actually talk with Judy Pfaff, because parents finally showed up & we went home. Friday was uneventful, except for mother thinking someone was going to break into our house (no one has ...yet). And I am now on Spring Break for a week, & hopefully am not the only one.

The whole breaking in thing is because she let someone into the house so they could use the phone & only thought of saying no afterwards, &... It became this whole huge thing, with mother fairly foaming at the mouth & complaining about people not understanding, while I stood there & said whenever I acted that way, I was told to calm down.

It's really cold down here, but the heater shut itself off again, & it never comes back on when it pulls this. Look like a modern day, romanticized druid in my Army hoodie with the hood up.

Speaking of druids: This past weekend, bought Charles de Lint's Moonheart at Goodwill, & thus for very cheap. Almost didn't get it, though, but am now glad I did, because it's really, really good. It was the first time in forever that I finished a book in days, as opposed to weeks. Deathly Hallows, of course, still holds the record for being the book I read the fastest-- thirteen hours or so, all told, I think? Give or take? That was the last book I went through quickly. But so yes, Moonheart is amazing & people should read it. I really liked de Lint's ability to switch perspectives & show certain bits of the story through a certain character's eyes without losing their voice. Sara's voice was always there, but he could switch over to Blue's POV, or Tucker's, or Kieran's (what the heck does nom de tout! mean, anyway?) without any of their individual voices being lost. Seeing certain situations from multiple perspectives was handled really well, too. Was kind of worried that someone like Tucker would kind of lose his personality, but he didn't really-- just became a lot more open-minded. The drug references kind of threw me, but maybe that's because I'm so straight edge. :p Or whatever. But it's really good. And just when I thought I'd never find an interesting book ever again...

It also kept up the suspense & all really well. I read for ages at a time because something would happen so that the situation changed drastically, & then it switched to what was going on elsewhere, so... Sometimes it could be jarring (the switch), but usually got into the next bit easily enough. It usually tied into what was going on elsewhere &/or with other people, anyway. Kept thinking, Someone should make this into a really good movie, but the switches seem like they could be a hindrance. In a book, you can go back & forth easily like that (just hoping you don't confuse & thus lose your reader because they just give up, they don't know what's going on anymore), but in a movie, things have to flow together. Some cuts might be easier than others, when there's time allowed for backtracking & showing the different perspectives (something that could also be lost in a film version). But certain skips are between things that are happening very fast, & the two different perspectives interlock & are connected, but lead off in different directions, & would be a lot harder to get to flow together without seeming awkward.

Rambling. Ugh. Printing this out will be so much easier than rewriting it all again in my actual journal. The thought of writing right now seems too tiring. I'm just a lazy idiot.

Also got to see Maggie for a while (a very short while) on Wednesday.

And an interesting conversation in leaving Japanese class yesterday morning, because Christina (someone in class) said she was skipping the rest of her classes. Was saying how it's difficult to write about what one will do when one will do nothing over break, except sleep, eat when necessary, maybe read...

"'Eat when necessary,'" Christina said. "Eat to survive."

"Will you pass me the greens, mother?" I said in an odd voice. Then somehow, the Force entered the picture, along with grapes. "I will Force choke you," Christina said; then I said, "I'm choking on a grape! My devious plan... has failed..." Deanna, one of Christina's friends, laughed.

"That's what I'd do," Christina said. "I'd be a really bad evil villain."

"Keep tripping up & things?" I asked.

She then declared she needed the New York Times, & I mentioned goats, & then the goats that Janna & I met the last time we were at the zoo, & how they tried to eat my pants & Janna's sketchbook. ...And no, have no real idea how exactly that conversation took the course it did. It just did.

Really, really hope I'm not the only person on break this coming week. That would suck so much, it's not even funny.

...wonder if the old phones books got recycled yet.

Really, really, really tired. ねむいねむい... Only been on about an hour & a half, but will probably go very soon, because am just so stupidly tired. (You know it's bad when you start to think of fluffy, roly-poly things... or something. Is this off the record?)

Think am going to bed. ね~~~むい~~.....

Friday, February 29, 2008

Finsal Thing-a-Day post

Feb 25
3D linear sculpture thing for Design II class (no pic as of now; still needs to be fixed, too)

Feb 26

Feb 27

but now by ~fegie on deviantART

Feb 28
Color swatches for Design I (lame). First time using gouache, though.

Feb 29
Working on icons for my icon journal, of which there will be more as the night progresses into March…:

The End.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Thin update

Feb. 16

Adventure has a name by ~fegie on deviantART

Feb 17
crappy sketch

Feb 18
doodles in agenda

Feb 19
English flash fiction 2

Feb 20
my ugly-ass face

Feb 21
UPC assignment sketches (?)

Feb 22
magazine cut-outs in "journal"

Feb 23
does translating count?

Feb 24
UPC assignment

pictures may come. not like anybody cares. whatever.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing a Day update

Feb. 10
Glued magazine cut-outs into a "journal"... not many, though. Was tired all day, though, so that was all I did. That & watch Discovery Channel (sharks!).

Feb. 11
Began flash fiction for English class.

Feb. 12
Finished fiction...? (Does this count?) Typed it up.

Feb. 13
Relief for Design II. And it wasn't due the next day, either, so got only three/two hours of sleep for nothing, really.

Feb. 14
Either this, or this. The second is the first half of a new Design I assignment; the first is just a drawing I did.

Feb. 15

Drawn in math class. Guess what it's based on! :D

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thing a Day #9

Feb. 9

Finished Design I work (finally). Can all be rotated if desired. All are crooked. It'll be put up... if Photobucket ever stops acting idiotic & opens my frigging album. (The net's being ridiculously stupid, & it's wearing my patience thin very quickly. I may kill the computer.)

Photobucket insists on being an arsehole, so will just use DeviantArt.

Á la Mondrain.

Tossed them, & glued them roughly where they fell.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Big Thing a Day update

Really haven't been feeling well lately. Hence the slacking off of posting things for Thing a Day. But things have been made.

Feb. 6
Not intended to be, but they were the only things done that day. Felt really cruddy.

Feb. 7

embers by ~fegie on deviantART
Kind of unintended, too. Stayed home due to feeling cruddy.

Feb. 8

sunset. by ~fegie on deviantART
Still not 100%, but back to school for the World's Easiest Japanese Quiz. Oh well.

Also... a math class doodle.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thing a Day 5

February 5

Unfinished (see the feelers), done for Design I today. Not sure if it really counts. Can be rotated around for different effects. :) (Flip it 180 to get my original idea, haha.)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Thing a Day-- Feb. 3 & 4

Feb. 3 (not intended for TaD)

Feb. 4
Design I homework

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thing a Day


Thus far:

February 1

February 2

Hide in your dreams by ~fegie on deviantART

Friday, February 01, 2008


Bury My Lovely-- October Project

Cover the mirror
Hide in your dreams
Forget what they told you
Forget what it means
A picture worth a thousand lies
The memory and the mirror
Nothing but what came before
Nothing but a closing door

A picture worth a thousand lies
A thousand words
A thousand eyes

Bury my lovely
Hide in your room
Bury my lovely
Forget me soon
Forget me
Forget me now
Forget me not

Cover the madness
Cover the fear
No one will ever
Know you were here
A figure in the hallway light
Returning like a ghost
Something that was left behind
Something like a child's mind

A picture worth a thousand lies
A thousand words
A thousand eyes

Bury my lovely
Hide in your room
Bury my lovely
Forget me soon
Forget me
Forget me now
Forget me not

Bury my lovely
Bury the lies
Bury me under
A thousand good-byes

A shadow from another time
Is waiting in the night
Something happened long ago
Something that will not let go

Bury my lovely
Hide in your room
Bury my lovely
Forget me soon
Forget me
Forget me now
Forget me not

Saturday, January 26, 2008

art things

Some things I found that should be seen:

-Stain a teacup
-wish jar
-all the billion other moments-- whoatherechief (I really want the print of this.)
-given the chance...-- futurowoman
-Last flight-- IvanFineart (Sad...)
-Busy-- vetal-vetal
-The Resurrection Stone-- TomScribble
-Godric's Hollow-- Gold-Seven (Finally, a unsexed version of hermione! Thank you, Mrs. Jenny!)
-Full color 01-- Firemane
-Nemo-- Nightwalk3r
-Marie Antoinette charm bracelet-- janedean
-Fox Ears: the fun-eral-- olafpriol
-Within-- Jynxx-Midnite
-Follow The Wind-- Sarachmet
-Insigt.-- kainwhite1
-momentum-- kidchan
-versa's profile.-- mythchan
-Jasmin w staniku-- justys
-children in paradise IV-- shel-yang
-Finneus Funk + The Mechano Man-- RYE-BREAD
-Screenie- Kids Arges + Virhos-- SiliceB (Because I am a sucker for Arges. *___*)
-De verpakking 2-- QESHER
-how do you approach a hooker?-- futurowoman
-Gwaihir- Lord of the Rings-- masiani
-The Lord of Rivendell-- peet
-without feelings...-- Lesta
-bant-mart-- sadidas
-Yeah Whales-- someweirdcrab (I want one...)
-as we're standing in the woods-- Basia- AlmostTheBrave
-moist-- wetnosebaby
-Vetch-- ladyofshalot
-HP- mess with reptiles-- LevyRasputin
-The Sleep of Reason-- Tin-Lizzy
-Tea Birds-- FlightlessMab
-Cocoon Troupe-- milky-toothy
-Grindylow-- ildi

Really need to get off. It's almost four a.m.

Sad. excluded. :(

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Name meanings:

Adrastos-- Greek "not inclined to run away;" name of a king of Argos in Greek legend-->Adrasteia-- fem. form of Adrastos; another name of the Greek goddess Nemesis-- Greek "retribution, righteous anger;" Greek goddess of vengeance & justice.

nemesis (noun)-- Latin, from Greek-- 1)capitalized: the Greek goddess of retributive justice 2)plural nemeses a)one that inflicts retribution or vengeance b)a formidable & usually victorious rival or opponent 3)plural nemeses a)an act or effect of retribution b)bane

Today is mom's birthday, so will finally be able to get out of the house. But won't be able to see anyone.

Risking sounding emo, but this kind of fits some things.

Demented little HP meme. Really can't draw Voldemort seriously. And when bored, go through other people's favorites. Really. Mine has probably over 100 pages.