Thursday, September 27, 2012

An update slice

Part of a painting that is due tomorrow that's still not finished, & i have only a little bit of time before class tomorrow to try & get it done. It's on a piece of canvas that's about 18x72". I think 72" is the biggest i've ever gone on anything before.

Also, i will be having my very own little solo show from October 29 through November 2nd (more like the 1st). I'll give more information as time goes on-- like once the guy who's supposed to email people emails people-- like where it is & when there may possibly be a little reception. So this is just a heads up, & a suggestion to maybe not be doing anything on the night of November 1st.

Monday, September 17, 2012

An update loaf

I'm pretty bad at updating this, so here's a little update-let. Featuring my face from this past Saturday (with my chair-arm pillow children & my awesome free party hat), when i went with some friends (including the insanely talented Maggie) to the Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda, MD. I'm pretty much out of the loop re: comics, but it was cool & i got some awesome stuff.
I listed out everything i spent money on, with pictures, here. And everyone in Bethesda outside of SPX was jealous of my party hat. How else do you explain all the glares i got while we were out getting dinner?

Before that, in college land, we got assigned to do 100 paintings (/drawings??) in one week.
I only made it to 48. (The three recognizable things are because the teacher wanted to see at least three past things that we'd done. All above that are the 48.) So here's a few of those:
The next assignment is to do an "epic" (read: large) painting based off of a story, like a myth or legend. I'm still doing thumbnails, still trying to decide between two stories, & i still need to get something big to make the thing on.