Saturday, July 26, 2008

Said a commercial yesterday, "We're a country of consumers. And that's ok." I scoffed & sneered & rolled my eyes. I thought, How disgusting.

But what did i do yesterday? Consume.

Got almost no sleep & was told if i wanted to get up to be able to go to Towson, i had to get ready in five minutes. Family thinks i can't move fast, can't get ready fast, ever. I was ready to go like that.

Got to father's office & watched some MST3K on YouTube while eating Pop Tarts that were a dollar from an upstairs vending machine. Watched Final Sacrifice, & despite the fact that it's a bad movie, kind of like the feel of it.

Then finally walked; unfortunately, one of my socks had a hole in the heel, so i got a blister. Remember to check your socks for holes. Oh well, whatever. Went to Ukazoo & sat around reading & being indecisive; finally got a copy of The Book of Lost Tales 2 that may as well have been newly bought, it was in such good condition. I generally don't want to get Tolkien secondhand (it feels odd, somehow; i got another copy of FotR once at the Book Thing & had to take it back because the marks weren't my marks, & it just felt wrong), but this was so minty, it was fine. And only $2.49 (no, that isn't including tax. Political bastards). Then went next door to Record & Tape Traders & got a $2.99 (again, price tag) CD, just because i'd seen it there before, i liked how it looked, & it was by a Baltimore band, so i figured i'd see if it was any good.

Then went over to Plaza because i had coupons. Got two pens, a yellow & an orange one, a little sticker book, & another little Moleskinnie. (The only time i'll buy them is when i've got coupons, so.) With the coupon for the Moleskine (40% off) &, i'm assuming, my Plaza card, all told, it cost a few dollars less than the little Moleskine does at full price. Went over to Trader Joe's-- after signing a petition to improve working conditions for Baltimore teachers so that, you know, their students don't beat the shit out of them or whatever-- thinking to maybe buy food, but... i don't spend my money on food. (I won't eat during Otakon; hehe.) I stood around agonizing, then realized it was time to go anyway, so didn't get anything. Dinner made me full enough to never want to eat again, fell asleep, woke up, & argued a little with mother to get her to let me have net time, then came down here. And i've eaten toast & feel very, very stupid. Nothing new.

But look: Shark Week icons!

And, seeing as it is 3:13, i should really probably have been off long before now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Was very brilliant (& we went on the 19th). Lots of walking. Bought a few cheap things & collected a ridiculous amount of business cards & the like.

Something i wish i'd had the money for? Them. And them. I took a custom order form, though, for later. It's the eyes, you see.--> . .

So... got a Knitimal patch & stickers instead, & two postcards from another place, & the SciFi club had a free book (why not?) & leftover Deathly Hallows posters from Borders' midnight party. Janna & i didn't get them then (we'd gone to Barnes & Noble), so we each grabbed a poster. And then there are the many cards & things. If i'd had a million dollars, it would've been brilliant. I would've bought a Knitimal (or Recyclimal), this little plaque with a bird painted on, more postcards... stuff.

There were also these things that talked to you. Don't tell me "it's something with the microphone," i can figure things out myself, & will still choose to ignore it (so shush). They talked to you! I had to say they were cute, & they whispered amongst themselves something like, "heeheehee cute heeheehee." Janna supposedly took a picture of them, so will wait for the eventual upload. (hehehe)

And, for the second time, went out & about (a lot of walking), & did it all on about a bowl & a half of cereal. For the entire day.

And supposedly, that picture Janna & i posed for should eventually appear on the internet, eventually. After sitting by the train station for the rest of today. Be very afraid (or amused, whichever).

Oh! And the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir artcar was brilliant. Janna & i walked up & all the fishes & lobsters were singing "Hallelujah." Priceless.

Was really tired walking back to MICA. (My out of shape self.) Got to shout at father over my dying cell phone, which kept cutting the calls off & being stupid. Family is still aggravating.

And now have a shop on Etsy. Yay.