Saturday, July 26, 2008

Said a commercial yesterday, "We're a country of consumers. And that's ok." I scoffed & sneered & rolled my eyes. I thought, How disgusting.

But what did i do yesterday? Consume.

Got almost no sleep & was told if i wanted to get up to be able to go to Towson, i had to get ready in five minutes. Family thinks i can't move fast, can't get ready fast, ever. I was ready to go like that.

Got to father's office & watched some MST3K on YouTube while eating Pop Tarts that were a dollar from an upstairs vending machine. Watched Final Sacrifice, & despite the fact that it's a bad movie, kind of like the feel of it.

Then finally walked; unfortunately, one of my socks had a hole in the heel, so i got a blister. Remember to check your socks for holes. Oh well, whatever. Went to Ukazoo & sat around reading & being indecisive; finally got a copy of The Book of Lost Tales 2 that may as well have been newly bought, it was in such good condition. I generally don't want to get Tolkien secondhand (it feels odd, somehow; i got another copy of FotR once at the Book Thing & had to take it back because the marks weren't my marks, & it just felt wrong), but this was so minty, it was fine. And only $2.49 (no, that isn't including tax. Political bastards). Then went next door to Record & Tape Traders & got a $2.99 (again, price tag) CD, just because i'd seen it there before, i liked how it looked, & it was by a Baltimore band, so i figured i'd see if it was any good.

Then went over to Plaza because i had coupons. Got two pens, a yellow & an orange one, a little sticker book, & another little Moleskinnie. (The only time i'll buy them is when i've got coupons, so.) With the coupon for the Moleskine (40% off) &, i'm assuming, my Plaza card, all told, it cost a few dollars less than the little Moleskine does at full price. Went over to Trader Joe's-- after signing a petition to improve working conditions for Baltimore teachers so that, you know, their students don't beat the shit out of them or whatever-- thinking to maybe buy food, but... i don't spend my money on food. (I won't eat during Otakon; hehe.) I stood around agonizing, then realized it was time to go anyway, so didn't get anything. Dinner made me full enough to never want to eat again, fell asleep, woke up, & argued a little with mother to get her to let me have net time, then came down here. And i've eaten toast & feel very, very stupid. Nothing new.

But look: Shark Week icons!

And, seeing as it is 3:13, i should really probably have been off long before now.

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