Saturday, January 26, 2008

art things

Some things I found that should be seen:

-Stain a teacup
-wish jar
-all the billion other moments-- whoatherechief (I really want the print of this.)
-given the chance...-- futurowoman
-Last flight-- IvanFineart (Sad...)
-Busy-- vetal-vetal
-The Resurrection Stone-- TomScribble
-Godric's Hollow-- Gold-Seven (Finally, a unsexed version of hermione! Thank you, Mrs. Jenny!)
-Full color 01-- Firemane
-Nemo-- Nightwalk3r
-Marie Antoinette charm bracelet-- janedean
-Fox Ears: the fun-eral-- olafpriol
-Within-- Jynxx-Midnite
-Follow The Wind-- Sarachmet
-Insigt.-- kainwhite1
-momentum-- kidchan
-versa's profile.-- mythchan
-Jasmin w staniku-- justys
-children in paradise IV-- shel-yang
-Finneus Funk + The Mechano Man-- RYE-BREAD
-Screenie- Kids Arges + Virhos-- SiliceB (Because I am a sucker for Arges. *___*)
-De verpakking 2-- QESHER
-how do you approach a hooker?-- futurowoman
-Gwaihir- Lord of the Rings-- masiani
-The Lord of Rivendell-- peet
-without feelings...-- Lesta
-bant-mart-- sadidas
-Yeah Whales-- someweirdcrab (I want one...)
-as we're standing in the woods-- Basia- AlmostTheBrave
-moist-- wetnosebaby
-Vetch-- ladyofshalot
-HP- mess with reptiles-- LevyRasputin
-The Sleep of Reason-- Tin-Lizzy
-Tea Birds-- FlightlessMab
-Cocoon Troupe-- milky-toothy
-Grindylow-- ildi

Really need to get off. It's almost four a.m.

Sad. excluded. :(


Jynxx said...

Danke meine freunde :)

Thanx for recommending my picture...

*** said...

thank you so much! xoxo futurowoman :)