Monday, October 27, 2008

pumpkin time...

The link will take you to the downloaded image, which actually shows what's going on on the pumpkin. (Here's its actual page.)

So this is this year's pumpkin, featuring the Marauders in their Animagus forms (plus one werewolf). Images from left to right: The back, which says "Up to no good"; the full Moon, Wormtail, & Prongs; Prongs & Moony; Moony & Padfoot; & what it looks like from the porch, thanks to the street light. Roughly.

And here's last year's pumpkin.

Also, if you don't already know, i put up a Marauders Halloween fanfic that is apparently mildly creepy, if nothing else. You can read it on any journals by going back to the entry before this, or you can read it here, as well as on Fan (i've been neglecting it, so i put it up there, too). So please read it & let me know what you think! (Please.)

Think i may try to be Janet for Halloween, from the poem Tam Lin. I do not have a mantle green, nor fair hair (i think that's mentioned?), but it's appropriate & i could kind of maybe do it... I mean, come on, i don't have a Tam Lin either, now do i? :P

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