Friday, December 19, 2008


Seven years ago...

This is the best day in forever, right now. (Deutsch final may wreck it.) I caved & had a latte or w/e from Starbucks this morning, reading through old captions on Council of Elrond, reviving the Barrow-Downs' "Crazy Captions" thread, watching Annelli's vlog, &&& TVN has streaming video of them out tracking winter weather! Plus, it's pretty funny when one is watching Destroyed in Seconds & they do a bit about tornadoes, & you know it's Reed Timmer & co. before they say a thing because they're capering about with glee.

Not much has changed, then, since 2003. "BACK UP!!!!!!!!!" XD

Bad thing, though; really can't concentrate for some reason on practicing for Deutsch. Das ist nicht toll. Also not getting snow. I mean, Las Vegas got snow. I mean, rain is all well & good, but when the temperature is pushing the upper 40s in December... meh.

Pouring rain!

Two hours until going to go fail Deutsch final; yatta. But i did somehow manage to get an 80 on the Kapitel 3 test, so who knows. Maybe i'll have retained something. But the problem is 1) i can't take 102 next semester because it doesn't fit, & 2) i don't think things are really sinking in, because of the grammar jargon & lack of time, because the semesters are short. It's more just regurgitating information than being able to recognize what to use in a certain situation. It's not like really thinking about how to use the language, which makes me sad, especially since i've got a plump, happy elephant looking at me from my textbook, saying, "Ich mag Kinder." とてもういです. :( I want to be able to be multilingual, but begin to wonder if i really have the brain for it. Especially right now, not being able to concentrate. Stupid, stupid.

...and no more streaming video from TVN. かなしそうなかお--> :[ かなしい--.

(Oi, what is the difference between using うい & かなしい? Typical, using Japanese when i'm supposed to be concentrating on verb-noun & verb-verb combinations. (It's 1:32.))

Maggie should be coming over to get her presents. I wrapped everybody's stuff last night, & have one more card to do & mail, that i managed to completely forget about. (Stupid!)

Mm, not so good day.

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