Monday, May 26, 2008

May 26th

"Visual journal" from sixth grade. Found the paper explaining it today while working on cleaning the bedroom. It's kind of funny, it its own way:

"What is a Visual Journal? Like a sketchbook, it is a place for you to explore visual ideas in sketch form. But it goes one step further than just a conventional sketchbook.
"Your visual journal will be a safe place for you to explore your thoughts in both written and visual form. It will be a record of the visual journey you will make in level one.

"What may I do in it? Just about anything artful or interesting. You may sketch, practice skills, jot notes, or write down your ideas and reflections about your art or artmaking in general.

(This part is circled in pencil:)"You may use it to experiment with new materials, create personal designs, glue or stamp interesting images, cut holes to peek onto new pages, record dreams, make lists, glue xeroxed images that can be drawn onto, or simply try out a new color pen.

"Wow! Where do I begin?
"First of all you will need a special cover- one that you design that expresses your unique personality, and camouflages the print or logo design that you found on your journal when it was purchased.

"How will my visual journal be graded?
"Some things will be specifically assigned as journal entries that will relate to classwork.
"These will be assessed according to grading rubrics. Other entries will be given credit for number of pages of exploration and the attention given this journal. (Underlined:)Everything presented should be presented in a visually interesting way.

"What do I do now?
"Why not begin. Have fun with this. You may find you want to take your journal with you wherever you go."

After sixth grade, we no longer had "visual journals." Funny, because Carver's idea of a sketchbook seems to be under the same kind of ideas. Needless to say, my sixth grade visual journal, like all my sketchbooks hence, is pretty boring & unadventurous, though back then when i was told i should try to experiment more, i (secretly, not to the teacher's face) got very indignant.

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