Saturday, May 24, 2008


Once read a suggestion-- probably in a teen magazine, way back when-- of taking at least one photo for every day of summer vacation. So will attempt to do so. Thus far, then:

May 21

Very windy & rainy.

May 22

Not a photo, but the next best thing. Indy was good. A little weird, all things considered, but still pretty good. I was ready to aggravated & annoyed by Shia LaBouf(sp) for some reason, but he held his own really well & was really good. Cate Blanchett does evil Soviet real well. Harrison Ford may have looked his age, but he sure still moved lightening fast. And-- i don't know the name for the actress who's Marion-- but it was ace to see Marion again. So it was good, even if it was weird & kind of "eh" at bits, but i really liked it, overall. Even though they play Elvis at the very beginning (i just cannot escape that man). (And, haha, Ark. That was beyond priceless.)

There was also a guy at the theatre dressed as Indy sitting next to a girl who had her hair done like Marion's at the beginning of Raiders. Which was pretty awesome.

May 23

The computer is currently delusional: the time is pretty much correct, but the time this was taken, it was 11:03 p.m.

And nothing for today, as of yet. It's only 1:22 a.m., after all.

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