Tuesday, September 05, 2006


...I ask the general public, how much worse can this year get?

Drawing/Painting III is fine. But I am stuck in a Telemedia 1 class until January, & looking at the people in it, I wondered why they were in the class. Some of them looked like it was just another art credit, & they didn't really care about it at all. It was completely out of character for a Telemedia class. Even back when Shapiro was teaching, it didn't feel like it did today.

And now, I supposedly have release time A4 and B4. Not amused. Went to see if maybe I could just sit around with the Studio people. But since they were in the middle of a critique, Giordano merely said, "You have to go around," & then promptly ignored me.

To be blunt, I was pissed off. He himself said anyone who didn't get into Studio had the option of coming up & sitting around if they were able. But what really pissed me off was the blatant disregard. I'm not in Studio, so fuck me, I suppose. And I saw people in Studio who, honestly, I never liked their art or their attitudes.

GO CARVER RESPECT!!!!!1111!!1!1

I am so sick of Giordano, of this stupid school. Oh, yes, I'm glad I'm not in Woodlawn, but Carver has never been anything "special" for me.

I feel somewhat ill. Think I ate dinner faster than would normally be advised.

And DeviantART thinks it's cute to upload at a snail's pace.

The funny thing is, I remember in D/P II, he let people walk in front of our critiques all the time. But then again, we were ickle sophomores. And besides, Carver is full of teachers who think their class is the most important class in the world & God forbid that any sort of interference should occur that would keep you from their most important class!

The best thing that happened today was when I was flipping through the September issue of Elle-- which I really would like, but I'm currently broke; do they have back issues one could order?-- & there's a whole page filled with mediaeval-esque things, like stills from a Robin Hood movie, Joan of Arc, &... two Waterhouse paintings. If I was a more outgoing person, I would've shrieked. It was Marianne (?) Leaving the Judgement Seat of Herod & Soul of the Rose.

So I really want that magazine. For other reasons, but that kind of cinched it. The September Vogue, too. I don't hold with Marie Antoinette-- if she hadn't been so spoiled, she wouldn't have literally lost her head-- & I would never wear frilly things like designers are now coming out with, but I like looking at the pictures of it. Especially because of the colors. But I did the math, & if I were able to get both magazines-- probably impossible-- it would cost almost $9.

I really can be very greedy.

...But right now, I am really annoyed at DA. Since it's not the computer's fault.

And it rained again today, which was nice, I guess. Wasn't really aware of it today.

And R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

music: Lullabye for a Stormy Night-- Vienna Teng

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