Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rock Against Voldemedia

(Typed up on Dec. 11)

Rock Against Voldemedia
I am not for passing a million bills & expanding government even more-- like that "homegrown terrorism" bill wants to do-- but this is definitely talking about keeping Freedom of Speech & of the Press & keeping us informed, not talking about stupid Paris-friggin'-Hilton. Stop the trash & the lame BS that the media keeps spouting that keeps people in the dark! The amazing thing (aside from the fact that the Rock Against Voldemedia album is free to download) is that people from all political parties are serious about this. (Apocalypse, right?) And I like the fact that in the Podcast, it's mention that, despite things like Podcast & MySpace being the vehicles for things like Wizard rock, they're still spouting their own corporational bullshit.

It reminded me: on the radio the other day, some woman made it sound like immigrants are bad. Ok: not all immigrants are illegal. You can't make sweeping generalizations about people just because they're immigrants, or white, or black, or striped, or whatever. We're a nation of immigrants, & the first European settlers pushed the indigenous peoples off their land, so I don't know what this woman's problem was. She disturbed me.

...The internet quit while I was writing that. Coincidence? I think not. (Kidding, kidding. It always quits on me; it ticks me off...)

These recent posts have been full of political crap & judicious use of the italic HTML tag. Ah well.

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