Sunday, August 08, 2010

Some old pictures:

Drew this in the morning after having been up all night. It's on a small piece of flimsy cardboard & i have two more left, so i'm going to do other faces on them. I didn't have anything like Jem in front of me-- no, the inspiration was the tail end of the "Alien From L.A." episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Also, last week was Shark Week! I forget what i was watching, & a point on the map said "Great White Cafe." I guess that's a place where a lot of great white sharks congregate? But i thought first of a cafe for sharks (where no dishes are ever done because the tiger sharks willingly eat them), & then of a shark-themed cafe for humans. So these are the good pictures, as opposed to the crappy webcam one.

I have no idea which is closest to the actual colors, so...

And this is last night. Sitting in the car, reading The Two Towers, & i liked the light.

And looook at this crazy amazing music video:

"It was (directed) handmade by IRINA DAKEVA @ WIZZ. It is composed of approx 2000 images watercolor painted one after another."

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