Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm pretty sure my litho stone is trying to kill me any way possible. If not by how heavy it is & how unwieldy the grinding thing is, then by constantly getting scratched. Hopefully it's pretty level; i mean, i check it every time, but i don't trust myself. And my camera for Photo has a new, used (lol what), working $20 lens, but the things that counts the frames may be broken, so i get to try & keep track of how many times i hit the shutter, just in case... How will i know when the roll's truly started? Crapshoot.

A lot of shit seems to be going down, especially in the past month or so, with issues & now college related stress. Sometimes this stress works; having to work & concentrate & get things done can push everything else out of mind. It worked well yesterday; today i seem to be a little more off. I kept screwing up grinding the litho stone today. And i still need ideas for what to do this semester...

Right now, the only thing that's really been keeping me sane is, actually, Yu-Gi-Oh. Particularly the Abridged Series (despite its own flaws, namely the transphobia that frequently pops up) & Season 0-- which, really, is holycrapamazing. It's not all children's card games, & sometimes it can be pretty fucked up, & "Yami" (oh don't get all upset over it) is, as some people have eloquently put it, batshit insane. It's glorious; i love it (i've taken to saying "CRAY CRAY" whenever he shows up & is particularly mental). The voice acting is superb, too, & i love the characters. If you saw me watching an episode, you could probably accuse me of having a relapse into fangirling. It's somewhat embarrassing; on the other hand, i think it's really awesome & it's fun & cool & dark & fucked up & it's helping to keep me sane. Having no one to discuss it with makes me feel kind of sad, but it's okay. It's what i'm getting out of it that counts.

I also made a graphic in GIMP; it's nothing special (i never learned much about doing art stuff on the computer, & i've forgotten a lot of it-- plus GIMP is difficult to me, being used to Photoshop), but i kind of like it.

And a variation:

I even ordered the first three manga (used, of course) off of Amazon because i still had some gift card money left. Haha!

Speaking of money, i'd really appreciate if you guys would check out stuff i'm selling still. Thanks so much!