Saturday, July 07, 2012

Art Shows

Well, power's still not back, but hopefully it will be today. Then we just have to hope the forecasted storms on Sunday don't knock it right back out....

Even though i'm not going to backtrack & show everything, i figured i would at least show some art show pictures, from both the Towson University Senior Show & the group show, Flux Capacity, at Nudashank.

First, the opening night of the Senior Show.
Here's all of my work that was in the show:
 The space the show took place in used to be a Kinko's, hence the name "the Kinko's Space," as least casually, if not officially.
 It actually got really crowded! Meanwhile, here's Megan being silly, looking at one of my lithographs.
 And one of Margaret's installations in a little closet:
 Megan looking at her work & laughing:
 Here's Will & some Franzia.
 Why not throw in a ridiculous picture? The world might as well know! Here i am, looking the weirdest, with Janna. Who will probably hate me for uploading this.
 Eric & the awesome Lindsay, who put a ton of work into getting this show up & installed & ready to go!

Then the first Saturday night of June was the opening of the Flux Capacity group show at Nudashank (which was mentioned on the Brown Paper Bag Blog). Here's the work i had in it:
Maybe one day i'll get a decent picture of this drawing (which i still need to spray fix better; but it's been too hot & humid to do it!). 

 Here's a blurry David...
 ...and Megan taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of......
 A token wine glass, feat. Tiny Plant.
 And Megan's cup.
 The H&H building, where Nudashank is, is also a live/work space for artists, as i understand it. So there was a cat wandering around before the show started.
 Right before our show opened, we stopped by SophiaJacob really quickly to look at the show there, & to say hi to the guys there.
 Back at the H&H building...
 Some more of Margaret's work:
 I don't know this lady, but i wholeheartedly appreciate this picture, thanks to her:
 I like to take pictures of people looking at my stuff.
 David's installation/performance piece, acted out by his sister & her girlfriend 8who had only just gotten off a plane!):
 More Will & Wine. OTP?
 And Will & Becca at the end of the night; haha!
If you see the work of anyone who i neglected to mention & it interests you, let me know & i can check to see if 1)i know them/remember their name (hey man, i'm bad at names), & 2)if they have a website.

(I changed my mind. I like this new layout. Uploading pictures is so much more easy & fast now!)

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