Saturday, August 12, 2006


Because more people should read The Shoebox Project (as if many, many people don't already). Well, it helps to be interested in harry Potter, & even more if one is interested in the Marauders-- that is, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs. I would write something more coherent, but I'm still struggling with that.

So here's some more lovely pictures, ha ha.

For some reason, I find the new Juicy Couture ads very intruiging (sp) & very aesthetically pleasing. And the guy having the moxy (ha ha) to go ahead & dress the way he's dressed.

Few & far between are the times where I flip through a magazine & think, "Oh, he doesn't look half bad." This is one of those rare times. (The hair!)

Why does Anne Hathaway always look so pretty?

Yay, Germany finally gets noticed! And I like colors in the dress.

And some (rather large) pictures of my messenger bag (I was somewhat bored earlier):

The whole thing.
Switzerland. Seeing as I'm Remus & all.
Close up. There's the Phantom pin Lauryll gave me when she got back from New York.
I do believe in commas."
Under the flap. The mysterious cord, by the way, belongs to my CD/MP3 player.
And so roomy, too.
And me. Wearing my grey jumper. Yes, I wear a jumper. It's very comfortable.

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Janna said...

Anne Hathaway is pretty, I suppose, but something about her face bothers me. Perhaps it's because she's messed up some of favorite literary characters >.<. Oh well, not her fault completely, I guess. Disney just need to stop trying to do the YA thing ::)

Oh, and I find that guy quite handsome, as well, though he is quite muscel-y! (*can't spell*)