Friday, October 23, 2009


So apparently it'll be best if i drop the Jewelry class. My grades are apparently not so good, especially since i can't powdercoat the wire thing (it would make it into a color) because..... the thing broke. HAVE I YET MENTIONED THAT I SUCK AT WELDING? AND THAT I HATE IT?

Meanwhile, in an attempt to distract myself from frustration/anger/worry (yjsdvhfhbefvrguerhdaweubcwahdbewlrigbs): mugs. Mugs are awesome. I don't know why. They just are. If you don't believe me, you must be shown & convinced. (Hopefully none of these will be broken/taken down or i won't be roasted alive for direct linking? ehehehhhhh;;;;;)

Mustacheoed mugs, seriously.

Mug with legs.

Retro mugs

I wish i could buy these.

What's also awesome: Interiors like this.

Also, a good way to waste time (well, maybe not waste it) is to go around on people's Tumblrs or this site. I've ended up saving a bunch of pictures & spent way too much time online instead of doing anything else. :\\ Though did watch Prisoner of Azkaban last Friday & i want to watch it again already.

........damn it, i'm hungry. I think. Vacillating between hungry & nauseated; charming.

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