Sunday, October 11, 2009


And i can't design to save my life (which is not the best thing in Jewelry/Metals), & Google can be immensely unhelpful at a time like this, when all it manages to find are the most boring light fixtures ever made. But then it does sometimes manage to get a few good ones, ie:

what is this thing, anyways?


Actually, i think i like the busts more than anything else in the room.

I like the idea of dangly bits. I don't like the whole "encrusted with whatever that is" idea so much.

These are awesome

Something completely different!


why look where it is


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Janna Morton said...

The National Gallery! Yay!
I like the "encrusted with whatever that is" one best, I think, but they're all very pretty. Welding sounds hard but I'm sure you'll end up doing something cool.