Sunday, January 16, 2011

oh my

I have a few more followers now. Crazy!

Anyway, the last bits of stained glass. First, a kind of better picture of the second window:

And finally, a few of the third & final window (Nov-Dec '10):

For the final window, i documented most of the process in pictures-- just in case. I kind of think it'd be nice to do this again in the future, but the tools are all so expensive.

Also did more paintings in the course of the semester (well, duh), which was really hard to get through, all things considered. But i don't really feel like uploading all those pictures right now (i'm about to actually turn the computer off; isn't that nice), so here's a group shot of them all.

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Janna Morton said...

These stained glass pieces are really, really, cool! If you get a chance I definitely think you should do more!