Friday, January 28, 2011

this was written a while back, but:


So my mother was "watching" (read: she had the TV on but was on her laptop) something about, i think, France in the first half of the 20th century, & all the vibrant things & people who were inspired by it, especially Paris (oh wait, maybe it was all about Paris). And Marcel Duchamp came up & at first i had my gut reaction in my head of "EEEUUUURRRGGGHHHHHH DUCHAMP" because Fountain i just really kind of want to stick it out a window or something somewhere. Not a major fan of "readymades." But then it was mentioned that Duchamp felt like art was already there in the idea, that something like painting was merely an "accessory." And i find that really interesting, actually (& then i'm like, "BUT IT'S DUCHAMP WHAT AM I DOING AGREEING WITH R. MUTT BOY ARRRGGGH" & then i rip my shirt & epic stuff like that. i know, right?). Concepts are kind of interesting to me right now, especially when i go through my stuff & find something that i made back when i was a kid, but now it's loaded with all this extra stuff (meaning, baggage, whatever) caused by the passage of years. That was obviously never intended, but it's there. And i wonder if i could now put it in a room with blank white walls & a little piece of paper next to it, with a title or even "untitled," & call it art & would others accept that? Would i accept that?

Also, unrelated but important:
-Whole Foods Supports...GE Alfalfa?
-Hell Breaks Loose: USDA Allows Genetically Modified Alfalfa
-The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?

Nice to know Obama & Whole Foods & the USDA really care, isn't it? That's sarcasm, by the way. I'm absolutely disgusted & pissed off right now.

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