Friday, November 25, 2011

Light and shadow Photo assignment. A triptych. Don't think it ended up working too well.

And sketchbook page:

I've painted a little bit tonight. The gold paint i'm using (it sounds tacky, but there's a reason, honest) smells so toxic that i've had to put my fan back in my window to try & air out my room. So i'm really cold right now & wondering if i should sleep in a room with this gold paint....

Yay carcinogens!


Jennelle Brunner said...

Hello! I'm really curious about what type of gold paint you are using. I’m assuming it’s not the store bought acrylic at the store because of the strong smell. Is it something you mixed yourself? Gold painting is something I would like to do myself and I’ve been wondering how to go about it.

Caitlin said...

It's actually store bought oil paint; Gamblin's "Rich Gold." It's really difficult to paint with; it doesn't like to spread easily & if you use something like linseed oil to loosen it up, it can get really runny & start to congeal & act all weird.

This is the first time i've ever tried painting with gold, myself. There's other brands with varying golden colors that you can choose from, & might be a little cheaper, easier to use, & maybe even smell less strongly. But i've only used this kind so far, so i'm sorry i can't be of much real help there. :(