Monday, December 19, 2011

Forgot to put these up.... final Litho prints!

I got all my final litho prints done Friday the 9th! I stayed in the print shop all day, first finishing up cutting out the paper for the chine-collé (which i'd started Thursday night, as well as finishing up the etches), then putting the glue on the red paper (which caused it to curl up & was messier than i'd have liked), then actually printing. Twenty in all, with, obviously, some variations, as you can see. I took some video of the process, which i'd like to edit together into a little video & maybe put up on YouTube-- nothing special, of course.

I was really glad with how they all came out; only a few were really messed up with the chine-collé registering badly & all. I watched the moon rise while i worked, & finished in time for free cocoa & cookies, & then to accompany friends to the movie theater so we could laugh at Breaking Dawn.

Tomorrow is the final crit! Litho was so difficult, but now i think i can kind of finally appreciate it. It was kind of bittersweet to roll up the last time for the final print, then tuck my stone (i named it Steve) back into its cubby.

Now i just have to worry about all my other finals. Considering the fact that my paper due Tuesday is still not finished, i'm going to be worrying a lot. I suck at writing papers.

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