Sunday, June 06, 2010

and some more

I'd also like to mention that this sketchbook may look like a Moleskine, but it's actually a Piccadilly book. They at least used to always have them very well-priced at Borders, though the past few times they haven't had any but some lined ones/the grid ones. (I've developed a bad (bad?) habit of collecting blank books. I have quite a fair few lurking in a bag under my bed, waiting to be used.)

Anyways, just a few more from ye olde sketchbooke:

Also! Who else has heard of the Sketchbook Project? You can sign up for the upcoming one up until the end of October for $20 (which pays for the fees of the sketchbooks going on tour), & you either choose a theme from their list or you let them randomly pick one for you. Then they send you a sketchbook in the mail, you fill it up, & send it back before January 2011. After the sketchbook (& all its friends) go on tour, it stays in Brooklyn, which may feel a little weird, but you can choose to have it digitized for $25 more so that you can at least see it.

I just signed up for it; it seems like a good way of putting something out there & hoping someone will see it. I tried to do an earlier Sketchbook Project & failed miserably, so. Here's hoping this one doesn't suck, i guess? (I'm also trying to convince myself that the $45 ($20 for signing up; $25 to get it digitized after the tour) is well-spent, i suppose. I'm part cheap Scot; what do you want? I dislike spending money!) After much waffling, i also decided to let them randomly pick a theme for me, & i got "Trading forever."

To be honest, the first thing it made me think of was trading Pokemon cards in fifth grade. Hoping i'll be able to think of something more than that. :I

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