Saturday, June 05, 2010

oh, blog.

teaching me to think backwards & take my time.
these are a little old, as there is more in this sketchbook now, but i haven't got those pictures on my computer yet.

i was wishing a little bit that there was a blog or something that would post new, exciting art every day or something like that. there are a few sites that do that, of course, but i'm looking for some specific kind of art. i can't quite describe it, but despite the huge amount of sites i have bookmarked under "art," nothing seems to be catching my eye much lately. (maybe i'm just tired of being online so much.) except, perhaps, for something like this.

so anyway, i'm not exactly my own stuff's fan, but i figured i would just put these up because, really, why not, right? i might even pay attention to this page more often. gasp.

i have not slept at all, & just drank a cup of coffee a short while ago. i'll probably be crashing come 9 or 10 o'clock.

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