Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saw Janna this past week because it was her birthday:

And this past Friday, i went & investigated a nice little coffee shop in the Towson Public Library:

And i bought this handsome sketchbook at Plaza:

It's roughly about 8x5" large & fairly thick. It's obviously modeled after Moleskines (as i think quite a few note-/sketchbooks are nowadays, like the cheap Piccadillies Borders at least used to have), but the cover is cloth(?), & the ribbon that marks pages is orange. It also has more pages that a Moleskine sketchbook of the same size, &, as i have found upon opening it, the pages are thick & have a nice texture to them (the wrap-around on the book says, "Contains 128 pages of heavyweight buff drawing paper with a good tooth"). It too has a pocket/envelope in the very back, only its is see-through. Originally, the price was $15.99 (ridiculous, & yet still about a dollar cheaper than a Moleskine of the same size), but with the 50% off coupon, all told, it was $8.47. Besides the mocha i got earlier, it was the only thing i bought.

Anyway, a few more pages from the sketchbook in use now:

Based off of this song, as well as the fact that this weekend marks one year since the "elections" in Iran, & rise of the Green Movement in Iran.

Saw Fritz Lang's Metropolis at The Senator-- with missing footage reinserted & everything. I really liked it, & i definitely think that it still has relevance nowadays. Afterwards, i looked through a book of Anh Duong's self-portraits (bought for much less than its list price), & her lines made me want to draw, so i tried to draw Gayle & Amy while they talked about reality TV & Prince lyrics with a guy whose name i don't remember (oops).

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